About Givers Embassy

About Givers Embassy

About Us: Givers Embassy - Redefining the Church Experience
Welcome to Givers Embassy, the first no tithe, no offering church in Nigeria. We are a unique and forward-thinking spiritual community committed to creating an environment of love, compassion, and empowerment. At Givers Embassy, we believe in redefining the traditional concept of church, embracing a holistic approach that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of our congregation. Here, the Holy Spirit teaches us ALL things including what to do with our finances not any Pastor or man of the flesh.


Our Vision
Our vision is simple yet powerful: to be a beacon of light and hope in the lives of individuals and communities. We strive to foster an atmosphere where people can experience spiritual growth, find purpose, and unlock their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on society by empowering individuals to live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

Givers Embassy Int'l seeks to provide a worship environment that emphasizes spiritual growth, fellowship, and the practice of Christian principles without the traditional emphasis on tithes and offerings. The primary aim is to honor God through sincere worship, love, and devotion.
Givers Embassy Int'l envisions a church where members can honor God, honor their parents, and contribute meaningfully to the progress of Nigeria all through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What we stand for:
There are three things a man can never change in his life - his God (whoever or whatever it is he believes made him), his biological parents (whosoever poured the first blood on him), and his country (wherever the blood was first poured on him). Therefore, as a church, we channel our time and other resources on:
1. Honoring God:
Givers Embassy Int'l is dedicated to fostering a worship environment that honors God through sincere devotion, spiritual growth, and the practice of Christian principles. The emphasis is on genuine worship rather than obligatory financial contributions.
2. Honoring Parents:
The church aims to uphold the biblical principle of honoring parents by creating a supportive and nurturing community. Givers Embassy Int'l strives to strengthen family bonds and values through various programs and teachings.
3. Projecting the Positive Sides of Nigeria:
Givers Embassy Int'l is committed to showcasing the positive aspects of Nigeria. By actively engaging in initiatives that promote the nation's cultural richness, social harmony, and economic potential while empowering the people to achieve financial freedom by initiating different business ideas. The church seeks to contribute to a positive narrative about Nigeria. Our flagship TV show, Who Knows Naija, 60k12System(Operation Don't Die A Tenant), Chop and Get Paid(1st Global Consumption Subsidy),etc are some of such ways we promote our dear country Nigeria and help the people stand on their feet.

No Tithe, No Offering Philosophy

One of the grave damage churches have done to this generation is to disconnect them from the Holy Spirit.Many Christians do no longer hear from God but are quick to hear from men. As a Church, we believe the Holy Spirit has the capacity to teach all men all things including what to do with their finances. Therefore, we set out to establish and maintain a church culture where the focus is on worship, spiritual and financial development, and community engagement while giving the congregants the freedom to take instructions from the Holy Spirit on what to do with their tithes and offerings per time. The objective is to create an inclusive space where individuals can freely express their faith without financial pressures from the altar or anyone called man of God.

You all have seen the distress that we are in, how Nigeria lies in waste and its gates burned with fire, come let us build the walls of Nigeria, that we may no longer be a reproach.

Please join us this Sunday 9am at NUT Pavilion, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
+234 909 422 2226 www.giversembassy.com Youtube: Givers Embassy TV

Love from your humble servant
Amb. Dr. Edward Olutoke